The waters of Tahsis are one of the best places on the BC Coast to see six-gilled sharks, Gorgorian coral, cloud sponges and more!

Mozino Point

Dive down 100 feet and see a rare Gorgorian coral grove growing in ideal conditions.  Divers will also enjoy seeing Puget Sound King Crabs, Cloud sponges and carpets of anemones.

Tahsis Narrows

The waters here are extermely deep. This allows the 6-gill sharks to live in the darker depths most of the year.  They can reach up to 16 feet long and care more numberous in the Tahsis Inlet than any where else on the BC coast.


The rivers  are full of Coho and Chinook salmon returning to spawn in late summer and early autumn.  You might even see some Chum, Pink or Sockeye.